Perpendicular Blocks



TeacherGeek perpendicular block components are an essential element for a variety of STEM | STEAM | Engineering projects. Manufactured from sturdy, child-safe plastic, they feature three splined holes to securely hold dowels or rods at right (90°) angles. Ream (open) the holes with a reamer hand tool, allowing dowels, billets or screws to slide and spin in wheel axles, geared mechanisms or Rube Goldberg machines.

These clever components are compatible with recycling bin materials, arts + crafts supplies, hardware and the TeacherGeek build system (from hole plates to connector strips), making them a seamless addition to any DIY workshop, Maker Space or science fair. Versatile, reusable and non-toxic - perpendicular blocks are honestly unparalleled, whether in summer camps or university engineering courses.