Mixed Gear Set



These are not your average project gears. Before TeacherGeek, gears were often too expensive, too small or required hot glue (ow!) to attach to shafts. Movement was rigid, and the lines of kids with singed fingers in the nurse’s office felt like a mile long. TeacherGeek project gears are a class of their own.

Featuring splined holes to push and rotates with a dowel shaft, they can be easily removed or changed as designs evolve and experiments expand (no hot glue necessary). They transfer impressive amounts of power, while remaining simple enough for elementary use. Whether in our tinker set or as part of a larger STEM, science fair or engineering project, TeacherGeek gears are the preferred choice.

Gear colors may vary.

The 40-Pack contains ten of the following sizes: 10 tooth, 20 tooth, 40 tooth, 50 tooth

The 4-Pack contains one of the following sizes: 10 tooth, 20 tooth, 40 tooth, 50 tooth

Science, Math & Engineering Standards

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