Wheel / Wind Turbine Hub



TeacherGeek "wheel-hub" components are a versatile solution for an array of STEM | STEAM | Maker Space projects. These red-spoked rims can be used as wheels for vehicles or as blade hubs for wind turbine rotors. They include four splined holes to hold dowels securely, allowing the wheel-hub and axle to easily turn together. Attach wheels to vehicle frames or combine two wheel-hubs with #10 machine screws to create a wind turbine hub.

This hub includes hole alignments to insert skewers, blades and more, allowing for instant innovation and adjustment on the fly. Durable, bright and created especially for kid-based creativity. Compatible with recycling bin components, 3-D printers, arts + crafts elements and the TeacherGeek build system.

As Wheels:

Use dowels as axles for your wheels.  Build vehicle frames from dowels and connector strips or hole plates.

As a Wind Turbine Hub:

Create a wind turbine hub (the part that holds the blades and spins) by attaching two wheel hubs together using #10 x 1in screws and nuts. Click on this guide to see how.


Wheel Diameter: 86mm (3 3/8")


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