Connector Strips - 300mm (12in)



TeacherGeek 300mm (12") Connector Strips are an essential structural component for a vast array of STEM | STEAM | Engineering projects. Use them to build bridges, vehicle chassis, hydraulic arms, crazy contraptions, launchers or even original constructions - they're compatible with recycling bin materials, 3-D printers and other TeacherGeek build components. The 40 equidistant splined holes securely hold dowels or can be reamed for improved axle rotation.

Craft geared transmissions, turbines and vehicle bodies with ease and precision. Simply cut to any desired size with a utility cutter. Versatile, sturdy and non-toxic - connector strips just can't be beat, great for little hands or university engineering courses. Purchase in bulk for increased innovation and invention choices! Use utility cutters or multi-cutters to trim, cut and slice connector strips

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