Why TeacherGeek 2.0

TeacherGeek solves the two biggest problems when engineering with kids.

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Iterative DesignIterative Design


We love recycling bin materials, but... projects made purely from recycling bin/craft materials are tough to modify once they're built. Students are "done" after one try, causing issues with learning and classroom management.


TeacherGeek, along with recycling bin and craft materials, allows students to build real working projects where they can learn and grow through experimentation, redesign and even failure. Designs are easily created and modified. There is no perfect design, so students are never done. Students learn more from their 2nd, 3rd, 4th designs than they did from their first.

Data-Driven DesignData-Driven Design


Projects made from recycling bin and craft materials generally lack precision, accuracy and the capacity to isolate variables. Without data, students question why they need to learn the science or math in the first place (because it doesn't work within their projects). Projects turn out more arts-n-crafts than engineering/science.


With TeacherGeek, the data works. You get "aha", "I need that formula" and "now I get it" moments. Students see the direct relationship between design changes and the resulting performance. This evidence sparks intrigue, leading them to make more design changes while applying/learning mathematical and scientific concepts.

real making
Real Making

TeacherGeek projects are real engineering activities that require real, age-appropriate tools.

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Free Curricula

TeacherGeek activities are backed by downloadable, editable (Microsoft Word, PDF), ever-growing labs, engineering challenges and other supporting resources.


TeacherGeek bridges the gap between recycling bin materials and expensive snap-together toys. Activity kits are so affordable that students can often take projects home with them!


TeacherGeek takes students from “why do we have to learn this” or “this is boring” to “I get it” and “aha”! Teachers are left astonished at classwide understanding and retention.

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Good for Brains

Research shows that neuroactivity when students are on computers is often fractional as compared to when they are kinesthetically involved. TeacherGeek stimulates otherwise neglected intelligences, taking students to higher cognitive domains as they aim to innovate.


TeacherGeek documents allow students to be self-directed, leaving those in charge free to step aside and become facilitators. And because there’s no perfect design, students are never done making!