Large 3-6V Motor



NOTE: If working with younger age groups, or Wiggle Bot or Air Racer activities, we recommend the Motor With Attached Leads for best results. Our project motors, while durable, do require a careful touch when attaching and reattaching the leads to terminals. For repeated uses or younger children, please consider the attached leads for sturdier innovation!

TeacherGeek 3-6V project motors are a fantastic way to power all sorts of STEM | STEAM | Maker projects, from motor-powered boats to electric vehicles or even wiggle-bots. Lightweight, durable and consistent in output, they work fabulously as "mini" electrical generators for geared transmissions and DIY wind pumps. Capable of producing enough power to light a small bulb!

Pair with a motor mount or alligator clip leads to AA batteries (not included). Mount to dowels or project sticks to create propellers, fans or transmissions. 
to better attach to rotors or linkages.

An essential component for the classroom, maker space, science fair, after school club, summer camp, scout troop or kitchen table innovators. There's no limit to the innovation when you're motorin' with TeacherGeek!

These project motors are the "big sibling" to our 1.5-3V motors


  • Motor Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Voltage: 3-6V

You may want to use these motors with: