Dowels - 300mm (12 in.) x 5mm



High-quality TeacherGeek 300mm (12 in.) x 5mm birch dowels are the essential structural components for a vast array of STEM, STEAM, Maker Space, DIY projects. Other dowels have irregularities that might cause them to slip from a mechanism or snap under weight. Each TeacherGeek dowel rod is made specially for our build system; sporting a sturdy and uniform composition that can handle bearing weight, spinning as an axle, being reused from project to project, and whatever else you can imagine up.

Easily cut to any length with utility multi-cutters, easily transforming rubber band racers, gear mechanisms, projectile launchers, hydraulic + pneumatic contraptions, robotics and other inventions. The innovation is endless with such a versatile component. Each sanded dowel is responsibly sourced from North American trees - perfect for classroom, after school or home DIY needs. Cut, tap, push, spin and modify - with dowels, imagination is the limit.

Dowels, like other TeacherGeek components, can be easily cut with a TeacherGeek multi-cutter.

At A Glance:

  • 300mm (12 in.) smooth birch wood dowels - durable building components for STEM | STEAM | Engineering | DIY projects
  • Easily cut, tap, modify, push, spin and reuse with real hand tools
  • Press into splined holes as frames, supports, arms, turbine blades or vehicle chassis, or use as a wheel axle, gear transmission, lever arm or pulley lift
  • Compatible with recycling bin materials, 3-D printers, found elements and the TeacherGeek build system - innovation is endless!
  • Environmentally sourced from Michigan trees, child friendly - perfect for little fingers!