Ping-Pong Ball / Projectile Launcher Activity


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Building a launcher can be a blast. It can also be a toss, kick or ram. There are many ways to design and engineer your launcher; many ways to make a ping pong ball or marshmallow fly.

A good projectile launcher is able to shoot with precision and accuracy. It should be able to change one variable at a time, utilizing scientific and engineering methods to hit the target. This activity allows you to create a launcher that does all of these things, and more.

Launcher Educational Goals

  • Utilize the design and engineering process
  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn about kinetic and potential energy
  • Apply the scientific method
  • Innovate (design, build and evolve your own unique launcher)

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TeacherGeek Tools You'll Need

What tools will you need to do this activity?


Process Description

Recommended Tool 

Alternate Tool


Cutting dowels, strips, recycling bin items, etc.


Saw, Pruning Shears


Change splined holes in components from press fit (dowels press and stay) to loose fit (dowels are able to slide and rotate).


#3 Drill Bit and Drill


Tighten and loosen screws



Holding and Pulling

Hold nuts, pull apart components



Sets of tools can be found here.

Make your Launcher even better by incorporating recycling bin material.

Launcher Components

What's in the Ping-Pong Ball / Projectile Launcher Activity?

Component: Adv 10pk Quantity: Adv Single Quantity: 10pk Quantity:
Connector Strips 40 4 20
Perpendicular Blocks 80 8 100
1.5” Screws 20 2 10
1" Screws 100 10 10
300mm Slide-Stop Material 3 1/3 (100mm) 3
Rubber Bands 100 8 100
Dowels 60 6 50
Hole Plates 20 2 10
Stop Clips 40 4 20
Hex Nuts 100 12 20
Angle Brackets 20 2 0
3" Steel Wire 10 1 10
Locking Hex Nuts 20 2 20
Galvanized Wire 1 1 1


This is an educational product and not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 9 and above with adult supervision.