Mini Hub Assembly (Red) - Motor Mount


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Create your own propeller or wind turbine rotor with this kit!

We created the kit because students were learning little from the experience of snapping pre-made and pre-designed propellers and wind turbine rotors onto their projects. We wanted them to learn through inquiry and experimentation; designing, testing and re-designing. What did we find? Students absolutely love to build their own rotors/propellers, and learn an amazing amount from it.

The kit come with a hub that mounts directly to 1.5-3V or 3-6V project motor. It can attach 1 to 6 blades.

Plenty of extra toothpicks are included for alternate blade designs and experimentation. For longer blades, skewer sticks can be used instead of toothpicks.

You will need to supply recycling bin materials and tape for the blades.

Use these on air boats, fan cars, hovercrafts, fans, mini wind turbines, and other inventions.

Do you need a hub that mounts directly to a dowel? Try our Mini Hub Assembly (Green) - Dowel Mount.

Mini Hub Assembly - Motor Mount Components

What's in the Wind Lift, Wind Turbine Activity?

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1821-66S Mini Hub Screws 20 1
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N/A Red Mini Hub Base 20 1
1821-17 Toothpicks 200 10


This is an educational product and not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 9 and above with adult supervision.