14ml Cylinder - Hydraulic or Pneumatic


SKU: 1823-53

Single SKU: 1821-53

These Project Cylinders are the best solution for school and maker hydraulic/pneumatic projects. They come in two sizes: 14ml and 4.5ml.

What make them so great? They have…

  • Holes, pins and a flange for mounting to your projects
  • Screws to keep the plunger and tubing from coming out (keeping the water in your project)
  • Volume and distance graduations on the piston
  • Extra-long travel (the piston moves much further than on a syringe)

TeacherGeek Cylinders are not syringes. Their tip/port will not accept needles. This means that they are not regulated as a medical device (like syringes) and can be used in public school classrooms without issue.

Connect cylinders together using 1/8in vinyl tubing.