Crazy Contraptions 2.0 Activity



Gears turn, lifting a lever, releasing a marble, igniting a chain-reaction of learning and fun as kids design their own Rube Goldberg-inspired Crazy Contraptions! Kids will explore simple machines like never before, easily connecting them, customizing them, and repositioning them on TeacherGeek’s unique new contraption base. Just slide the machines in and out of position! Done with the activity? The bases and machines are easy to store for use year-after-year. It's the simplest way to craft the craziest contraptions!

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This is an educational product and not a toy. Adult supervision is required.



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Things You'll Need

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You will need to pre-cut the dowels for this activity, or your kids can cut them (with adult supervision).

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TeacherGeek Tools

Screw Driver

Drive screws into holes.

Slip Joint Pliers

Grab nuts, bend
wires, etc.


Cut dowels, strips,
recycling bin items, etc.


Ream splines (teeth),
from holes so
dowels spin freely.

Mini Hammer

Tap dowels into
other components.

Other Supplies

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