Maker Movement Page

The Maker Movement is built on the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts) - forged through the Engineering + Design Process and DIY hands-on projects. From MIT to your classroom, combine open-ended exploration, play and engineering to completely transform learning!

How Maker Spaces (Too Often) Start Out 


Educators and Administrators Question - "Is this Maker Space a good use of classroom time?
Without structure, guidance or educational standards, will this space even be used?

With TeacherGeek, Everything Changes

Students with alternative intelligence sets shine! Maker Spaces empower curiosity + achievement, helping kids from every background realize that....

  • They can be "really good at this STEM stuff!" Often changing the courses and career paths they pursue.
  • They can see the application and relevance of Math, Science, Design Thinking & even ELA 
  • Self-directed academic activities await students, launching them towards true engineering challenges that...
  • Have no perfect solution - students want to evolve their designs (applying math, science concepts) until the very last available seconds.
  • Catalysts to use technology with purpose. True engineering problems and challenges give kids a reason to utilize other maker tools, tech, machines or machines

Your Maker Space Becomes the HUB of the School!

  • Teachers are energized by the excitement of the students. Student performance climbs as they reach higher cognitive domains; growing their understanding and pulling in knowledge needed to solve problems and win engineering challenges

TeacherGeek Maker Space Basics: 

Use these tools anywhere you like -

Science Lab
After School
Science Olympiad
Birthday Parties

    Shop/Tech Class
    Maker Space
    Rec Center
    Kitchen Table
    Scouting Troops


      Incorporate all sorts of materials!

      Recycled Components
      Office Supplies
      Tin Foil

        Construction Refuse
        3-D Printed Elements
        Office Supplies
        Cans, Bottles
        Crafting Bits

        Self Directed Resources

        • Aligned to educational standards (NGSS, ITEAA, Common Core, ELA)
        • PDF & Editable Microsoft Word (Documents, Power Points, Videos)
        • Build Guides, Labs, Challenges, Worksheets, Engineering + Design Notebooks
        • Include optional labs, projects. Teachers can help classes hit NGSS | ITEAA | State curricular standards through engineering challenges

        Good Making is True STEM | STEAM

        True STEM | STEAM | Engineering Projects + Bulk Components = Infinite Makin'

        We manufacture tons of STEM | STEAM activities, from electric race cars to gear mechanisms to yeast-powered vehicles to ping pong ball launchers to dazzling kinetic sculptures to hydraulic arms. Purchase bulk components (dowels, screws, cylinders) for any project you can conceive. Safe for kids. Made for Innovation.

        Get Your Own Awesome All-In-One Maker Cart!

        This cart is going to supply your students/kids with incredible experiences, unlike anything else they have ever done. We’ve tried to make “getting started” as easy as possible. From getting your cart off it's shipping pallet to ready to roll into the classroom, follow our few easy steps and you’ll be making projects in no-time. 
        Includes over 15,000 TeacherGeek Components!
        Every Maker Cart has over 15,000 components included and facilitates countless TeacherGeek activities. With so many TeacherGeek components, the creativity and STEM building possibilities are endless! 
        Download TeacherGeek Documents for STEM/STEAM/Maker Activities
        With so many different TeacherGeek components at your fingertips, design and build your own unique engineering inventions or follow along with our TeacherGeek Build Guides. Included with every Maker Cart are FREE editable documents to enhance your Maker Cart experience. Exclusive to the TeacherGeek system, these documents will provide hours of classroom and maker space activities at every age and grade level (available for Microsoft Word and PDF).

        Find your Maker Cart documents at free TeacherGeek Document Downloads