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Kids working on TeacherGeek STEM Project in Classroom

TeacherGeek solves the biggest frustrations of STEM/STEAM/Maker for teachers AND kids!

TeacherGeek STEM Project Remote Learning

Individually Packaged Activities for Each Student

TeacherGeek STEM Project Remote Learning

Our activities are designed to be as turnkey as possible! 10 Packs are divided and pre-packaged so each student gets their share of the parts along with their own Go Guide to get them started. All you have to do is hand the activities out and watch your students soar.

Pre-Cut Dowels Make Tools Optional

TeacherGeek STEM Project Remote Learning

TeacherGeek Activity Packs now include wooden dowels that are pre-cut to different lengths, meaning kids can innovate without special cutting tools. Activities that require a TeacherGeek Reamer come with a Reamer included! The only tool you might need to have on hand is a trusty screwdriver. Already have tools? You can use them to make even more innovative designs!

Printed Go Guide Included

TeacherGeek STEM Project Remote Learning

Each TeacherGeek Activity now includes a printed Go Guide! The all-in-one document that gets kids started with constructing their own TeacherGeek project and guides their inquiry, culminating in a challenge that pushes them to create their own unique designs!

Free Downloadable Content

TeacherGeek STEM Project Remote Learning

You can download all of TeacherGeek's Go Guides, as well as our incredible science labs and challenges, right here at TeacherGeek.com! Everything is made in Microsoft Word, so you can edit them and make them your own!

Bulk Discounts on Single Activity Packs (up to 40% off)

Hugely discounted single activity packs can now be delivered anywhere (even students' homes), making it easier than ever to facilitate classwide activities with TeacherGeek. Email sales@teachergeek.com to find out more!

Our newly redesigned Activity Packs provide equity for learners, at home and in school. Many TeacherGeek activities don't need any special tools or supplies, internet access, or even printer to complete; each Activity Pack has everything kids need to succeed, with the exception of more common household items such as AA batteries, tape, etc..

Want to learn even more about how TeacherGeek works and why it's the perfect solution for your students? Click here!

STEM Spotlight: Miami-Dade Schools

20,000 kids; 70,000 TeacherGeek activity packs; 1 awesome summer program!

Miami Students making STEM Projects Miami Students making STEM Projects Miami Students making STEM Projects

Miami-Dade Schools and TeacherGeek teamed up to address the unprecented academic, physical, and social/emotional needs caused by the pandemic.

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