Digital Multimeter


This is a simple, affordable digital multimeter for diverse STEM | STEAM home projects or classroom experiments. With included batteries, and a 1.5V/9.0V test output, students can measure voltage, diodes, and hEF measurements. Excellent for gleaning data from Mini Wind Turbines, or the "Catch the Bug" Ultimate Electronics' Activity. Reusable, durable and amazingly accurate.

At A Glance:
DCV: 0-200m±0.25%-2-20-200-600V±0.5%
ACV: 0-200V-600V±1.2%
DCA: 0-200u-2m-20m±1.0%-200mA±1.2%-10A±2.0% no-Fused.
R: 0-200-2k-20k-200k±0.8%-2000k ohm±2.0%

Battery Test: 1.5V/ 9.0V
hEF measurement: 0-1000
Diode test
Battery: (included)

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