Small Motor w/Leads & Mount, Adapter Pin, AA Single Battery Holder


Single SKU: 1821-01

10 Pack SKU: 1821-02

Do you have a contraption to power? Here is a simple solution:

It's a 1.5-3V motor with alligator clip leads that already has a motor mount and adapter pin attached. Also included is a AA single battery holder. Squeeze the alligator clips to attach them to the battery holder terminals. Turn the motor on and off by attaching and detaching the leads.

The motor turns at the perfect speed for most projects. Use these for motor powered, cars, boats, scribble bots, and other inventions. 

Motor Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm

Lead colors will vary. Battery not included.

If you're planning on using this battery powered motor, you might find these helpful:

1.5-3V Motor Mounts (included) have a hole to connect to TeacherGeek dowels

Build Your Own Propeller Kit -Design, build and evolve your own unique propeller. It mounts directly onto the adapter pin of this motor.