Maker Cart A+ Content Transfer

Transform Your School/Camp

Designed by REAL TEACHERS; SOLVING the biggest Problems for STEM, STEAM & MakerSpace

Problem #1: Every student project turns out pretty much the same (arts-n-crafts, not engineering). Kids are “done,” rather than endlessly evolving designs (the design cycle).


TeacherGeek allows students to easily create and modify designs, learning and growing through experimentation, redesign and even failure. Students learn more from their 2nd, 3rd and 4th designs than they do from their 1st. There is no perfect design, so kids are never done!

Problem #2: Projects do not test properly due to their construction (no precision, accuracy, usable data). Students are unable to use science to learn and redesign.


With TeacherGeek the data works, providing "wow," “aha” and “now I get it” moments. Students see the direct relationship between design changes (variables changed) and design performance. This evidence sparks intrigue, leading them to make more design changes while applying/learning scientific and mathematical concepts.

The MAKER CART is SPECTACULAR. COMPONENTS are a GAME CHANGER. RESOURCES are everything you've DREAMED OF. (There is way more the Cart than meets the eye!)

Incredible Resources

Roll it in and download over 60 engineering challenges from the TeacherGeek website. Our videos get you started, energized and soaring. Optional labs grow understanding to get students innovating. Documents are uniquely graphical, self-directed, NGSS (school) aligned and designed to support students of all abilities and learning profiles. They are available as PDF or MS Word documents, so you can edit and make them your own. The Maker Cart provides activity materials for years to come, and new activities are constantly being added to the TeacherGeek website. Keep stopping back to uncover new activities, labs, and resources.

More Engineering. Less Babysitting.

TeacherGeek materials and resources allow for real engineering. This means that kids work to the last second improving and evolving designs. Teachers can be facilitators, allowing for quality interactions without worrying about classroom management.

a young girl playfully peering around the Maker Cart

An Entire Pallet of Supplies

Who cares if components are lost or taken home? Activities are only dollars per student, and the cart comes with over 18,000 components (more than can fit in the cart, so you can replenish). That’s enough for years of use and hundreds of students.

a young girl playfully peering around the Maker Cart

Add Recycling Bin & Other Materials

The Maker Cart's components work with recycling bin and other materials; allowing crazy, one-of-a-kind designs that evolve and perform as imagined (true STEM, STEAM & Upcycling).

a young girl playfully peering around the Maker Cart

"Wow," "Aha" & "Now-Get-It" Moments

Be amazed how a design change affects your project's performance. Usable data, iterative design and standards alignment make TeacherGeek activities the go-to for engineering in school, camps and beyond.

a young girl playfully peering around the Maker Cart

Get Hands-On

Kids love the opportunity to make real things, especially when they get to use real, age-appropriate tools. The Maker Cart comes with enough tools for an entire class. Want projects kids can do at home or without tools? Those are also available.

Over 60+ Challenges

Here are JUST SOME of the PROJECTS you can complete with your Maker Cart 2.0:

  • Grades Pre-K to 2: Gears Tinker Set, Amusement Park Challenge, Obstacle Course Challenge, Kinetic Art, Grab Lab, Animal Adaptations, Hazmat Challenge, Sail Car, Powered Pets, Straw Rockets
  • Grades 3 to 5: Wind Lift, Toy Design Workshop, Wiggle-Bots, Rubber Band Racer, Hydraulic Claw, Breaking Bridges, Grab Lab, Pump It Challenge, Sail Car, Gears Tinker Set, Mini Wind Turbine, Projectile Launcher 2.0 Hazmat Challenge, Build-a-Boat
  • Grades 6 to 8: Judo Bots, Rubber Band Racer, Wind Lift, Sail Car, Wind Pump, Projectile Launcher 2.0, Gears Tinker Set, Hydraulic Claw, Pump It Challenge, Wiggle-Bots, Hazmat Challenge, Mousetrap Vehicle, Toy Design Workshop, Electromagnet Crane, Mini Wind Turbine, Sumo Bots, Yeast Mobile, Advanced Hydraulic Arm, Air Racer, Basic Hydraulic Arm, Crazy Contraptions, Bean Sorter, Electric Race Car, Build-a-Boat, Breaking Bridges
  • Grades 9 to 12: Micro Hydroponics, Sumo Bots, Yeast Mobile, Projectile Launcher 2.0, Hazmat Challenge, Wind Pump, Rubber Band Racer, Judo Bots, Electric Race Car, Bean Sorter, Crazy Contraptions, Advanced Hydraulic Arm, Electric Race Car, Air Racer, Basic Hydraulic Arm, Breaking Bridges, Build-a-Boat, Electromagnet Crane, Hydraulic Claw, Mousetrap Vehicle, Wiggle-Bots, Wind Lift, Pump It Challenge