Covid Collection

Remote education is changing how kids learn.

TeacherGeek creates awesome experiences that get kids out from behind the computer

and gets them innovating.

Distance learning is tough.

It strips educators of their familiar tools used to keep students engaged, learning, and growing. But TeacherGeek is here to help!
Here's how...

Real Engineering

The kids said it themselves... they miss hands-on learning! TeacherGeek pairs our intuitive building system with our free online curricula to get kids out from behind the computer screen, address different learning styles, and pull them up to higher cognitive domains. Learn more here.

Educational Experiences

TeacherGeek Go Guides get kids started. From there, we offer tons of optional labs and engineering challenges that encourage innovation. Our activities will get them innovating and excited to share their creations, compete with classmates, and delve deeper into new areas of math and science.

Affordable & Accessible

TeacherGeek activities are so inexpensive that each kid can have their own. What's more, we've restructured many of our activities so they can be completed without tools. These changes don't just make TeacherGeek more accessible, but they'll also make for healthier workspaces when schools reopen.

This collection features some of our favorite activities; limitless design possibilities and a breeze to complete with minimal setup and facilitation.