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President's Award


Press Release

April 8th, 2020

TeacherGeek is a recipient of the distinguished Presidential Awardees' Product of Excellence Award. Nominations and awards are facilitated by a committee comprised of recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). For reference, the PAEMST award is given by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Science Foundation. The PAEMST award is heralded as the highest recognition a K-12 mathematics or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States.

The Presidential Awardees’ Product of Excellence Award is the highest award given by SEPA to STEM-related companies. STEM is defined as the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The award recognizes the critical role played by businesses in facilitating deep learning and critical thinking skills in STEM education. “The products designed by these companies are vital components of instruction in K-12 classrooms. These STEM products help students explore, experiment, and understand concepts at a deeper level," explained Cathy Barthelemy, President of the Society of Elementary Presidential Awardees (SEPA).

Kindergarten – Third Grade: Sail Car by TeacherGeek

Fourth – Sixth Grade: Maker Cart by TeacherGeek


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Covid-19 Help

Remote education is changing how kids learn.

TeacherGeek creates awesome experiences that get kids out from behind the computer and gets them innovating.

Distance learning is tough.

It strips educators of their familiar tools used to keep students engaged, learning, and growing. But TeacherGeek is here to help!
Here's how...


The kids say it themselves... they miss hands-on learning! TeacherGeek pairs our intuitive building system with our free online curricula to get kids out from behind the computer screen, address different learning styles, and pull them up to higher cognitive domains. Tons of free curriculum, including optional labs and activities, make cross-curricular connections easier than ever! Learn more here.

Equity & Affordability

Appropriately support and challenge every student on any budget. Whether students are in your classroom virtually or physically, our educator-designed activities provide the scaffolds and enrichment they need for success. What’s more – we’ve restructured many of our activities so they can be completed without special tools, making TeacherGeek more accessible than ever.

Hygienic Hands-On

Affordable, so each kid can have their own, with no special tools that kids have to share. TeacherGeek is a great fit for individual learning in classrooms and distance learning from home. We’ll even ship kits right to your students’ doors! Email for more info.

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