Mini Wind Turbine Activity


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Design a turbine to harness the power of the wind and convert it into electricity. This STEM | STEAM | Maker project is truly green engineering. Start with your example build, testing through inquiry and experimentation. Then, iterate new designs and additions to transform the wind turbine into your own unique design. 

Create the blades utilizing recycling bin materials.  Adjust the angle, pitch and amount of blades to observe the electrical output of your wind turbine. We included plenty of extra components to try different designs.

Use a multimeter and alligator clip leads to measure the electrical output of your wind turbine.

This activity is a favorite for kitchen table innovation, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, scout troops, camps, 4-H groups, and maker spaces. It's a wonderful activity for parents, grandparents or teachers to work on with their kids.

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Race the Wind with the Engineering Challenge!

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Classroom Overview

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Mini Wind Turbine Videos

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TeacherGeek Tools You'll Need

What tools will you need to do this activity?

Process Description

Recommended Tool 

Alternate Tool

Cutting a wooden dowel


Saw, Pruning Shears, Etc.

Tighten a screw



Measure output voltage

Digital Multimeter

Connecting the multimeter to the wind turbine

Alligator Clip Leads


Sets of tools can be found here.

Make your Mini Wind Turbine even better by incorporating recycling bin material.


Mini Wind Turbine Components

What's in the Mini Wind Turbine Activity?

Component: 10pk Quantity: Single Quantity:
Dowels 20 3
5/8" Screws 10 1
Hex Nuts 10 1
Hole Plates 10 1
Perpendicular Blocks 20 2
Mini Hub Assembly 10 1
Motors 10 1
Mini Motor Mounts 10 1
Skewer Sticks 100 10
Mini Hub Screws 10 1


This is an educational product and not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 9 and above with adult supervision. 

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