Geared Wind Turbine


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Do you need energy to power lights or even run a small motor? Then the Geared Wind Turbine is for you! The gear box assembly increases the alternator RPM and therefore increases the power generated. Re-engineering the gear ratios can change the power output. Also, the amount of electricity generated can vary by redesigning blades and alternator coil wrap patterns. Build your wind turbine with alternator components, hub assembly, gears, hole plates, dowels, hardware and additional found materials. A stand is necessary. You may purchase either the Bench or Wind Turbine Stand. The blade material choice is up to you—recycling bin materials work fantastically!

The 10-pack offers significant savings per kit.

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 What tools will you need to do this activity?


Process Description

Recommended Tool 

Alternate Tool


Cutting dowels, strips, recycling bin items, etc.


Saw, Pruning Shears


Change splined holes in components from press fit (dowels press and stay) to loose fit (dowels are able to slide and rotate).


#3 Drill Bit and Drill


Tighten and loosen screws




Holding and Pulling


Hold nuts, pull apart components



Sets of tools can be found here.

Make your Geared Wind Turbine even better by incorporating recycling bin material.

What's in the Geared Wind Turbine Activity? 

Component: 10pk Quantity: Single Quantity:
Dowels 120 12
Wheel-Hubs 20 2
Stators 10 1
Rotors 10 1
1" Screws 60 6
Stator Screws 40 4
Hex Nuts 80 8
Washers 30 3
Magnet Wire Roll 2 1
Magnets 120 12
40pc Mixed Gear Set  1 4pk (one of each size)
300mm Slide Stop 2 1/3 (100mm)
Stop Clips 60 6
1.5" Screws 10 1
Hole Plates 20 2


This is an educational product and not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 9 and above with adult supervision. 

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