14ml Cylinder - Hydraulic or Pneumatic



TeacherGeek plastic, project 14.5 mL cylinders are specially designed for STEM | STEAM | DIY | Maker Space activities. Durable, consistent and so easy to use, they are simply the best solution for classroom hydraulic + pneumatic powered activities. Integral to engineering hydraulic arms, hydroponic gardens or exploring educational objectives such as Pascal's Law and fluid power. 

Connects to 1/8in vinyl tubing and  4.5ml project cylinders. Promote innovation, green engineering and empowered inventors - it's all possible with TeacherGeek!  

They include:

  • Piston holes, pins and a flange for easy mounting to your projects
  • Equipped with cylinder screws to keep the plunger and tubing from slipping, these components are water-tight, withstanding re-use across several projects
  • Volume and distance graduations on the piston
  • Extra-long travel (the piston moves much farther than on a syringe)

    TeacherGeek Cylinders are not syringes. Their tip/port will not accept needles. This means that they are not regulated as a medical device (like syringes), and can be used in public school classrooms without issue.

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