Gears & Pulleys Tinker Set

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Gear up for one of our most popular products!
What happens when gears are connected? Do they rotate together, at the same speed, or in the same direction? Does it even matter how they touch each other? Discover these answers, and more, with the Gears and Pulleys Tinker Set. Build once, and tinker forever - younger kids can experiment with this set after assembly, without needing any tools. Gear colors may vary.

Age Level:
This is an educational product, not a toy. It is intended for use by ages 6 and above with adult supervision.

Other Materials You May Need:
Really tap, push, ream and cut - these maker tools are excellent for all ages! Reuse and share in groups. Only required for initial assembly.

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Gears & Pulleys Tinker Set Document Downloads

Use our free standards aligned, document resources to learn about gear ratios and their practical applications.

Get started with the Build Guides

These build guides have everything you need to construct an example Gears & Pulleys Tinker Set. 

Basic Build Guide - PDF
Basic Build Guide - Editable Word Document

Advanced Build Guide - PDF
Advanced Build Guide - Editable Word Document


Use the Lab Guides to learn about gear ratios and proportions, mechanical advantage, torque, and rotation.

Basic Ratios & Proportions Lab - PDF
Basic Ratios & Proportions Lab - Editable Word Document


With the Engineering & Design Challenge create kinetic sculptures from your gears and pulleys tinker set. 

Design & Engineering Challenge - PDF
Design & Engineering Challenge - Editable Word Document

Download the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook

Available at two different learning levels, the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook is designed to help students cycle through the Design & Engineering Process and help them innovate and invent new designs. Use an Engineering Notebook page for
each iteration of design. It is recommended that extra pages are printed and on-hand.

Gears & Pulleys Tinker Set Engineering Notebook - PDF
Simple Engineering Notebook - PDF
Engineering Notebook - PDF


Science & Math Standards

TeacherGeek products fit proposals, grants or lesson plans with ease! Explore more resources below:

Next Generation Science Standards
NGSS Standards Download - PDF
NGSS Standards Spreadsheet - Editable /Searchable Excel Sheet

International Technology & Engineering Educators' Association Standards
ITEEA Standards Download - PDF
ITEEA Standards Spreadsheet - Editable/Searchable Excel Sheet