Advanced Sail Car


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Harness the power of the wind - on land - and there'll be smooth sailing ahead for this incredible STEM | STEAM activity kit!  Students are empowered to quickly experiment with ease, testing and re-adjusting their sail’s shape, angle and pitch. Watch as they work through the engineering & design process, designing their sail cars for speed, distance or even to ferry school supplies across the room!  Change wind conditions to increase the challenge!

For higher grade levels, there are optional labs on inertia, forces & motion, and momentum.  The Advanced Sail Car features extra components for innovation and tinkering!  For lower grade levels, a TeacherGeek tool kit is required for the initial build (but car bodies can be reused each year without tool use).  Tool kits are recommended for student use in higher grades.  Documents available for grades 4-12.

For grades 4 & below, check out the basic Sail Car.

Completing the

Advanced Sail Car Activity

with Grades 4 and Up

MS Word or PDF - Which document format should you download? Always download the PDF document, unless you want to edit/change it. If you want to edit/change the document, download the MS Word (Microsoft Word) version.

    Go Guide    

Give it to your students and go!  This is the essential document to get students started, and it culminates in the Tailwind Engineering Challenge

    Optional Labs    

The activities below can be used to extend learning by using software and/or mathematics to model your bridge!

  • Forces & Motion Lab - PocketLab Edition: PDF or MS Word --Students use a PocketLab to investigate the drag force, its correlation with sail size, and its impact on sail car velocity. Recommended for Grades 7+.
  • Inertia Lab - PocketLab Edition: PDF or MS Word --Students use a PocketLab to investigate inertia and its impact on sail car velocity. Recommended for Grades 7+.
  • Atwood's Machine Lab: PDF or MS Word --Students use a Half Atwood's Machine to explore Newton's 2nd Law. Recommended for Grades 9+.
  • Momentum Lab: PDF or MS Word --Students investigate collisions and the conservation of momentum. Recommended for Grades 9+.

    Optional Challenges    

  • Optional Crosswind Challenge: PDF or MS Word -- Increase the challenge over the Go Guide by moving the wind from the behind the car to the side of it.
  • Optional Headwind Challenge: PDF or MS Word -- The hardest of the challenges, students must now sail at an angle into the wind (yes – it’s possible, and the resources in the Go Guide make it achievable for all students).

    Optional Resources    

Classroom Overview

  • Classroom Overview: Coming soon!

Engineering Notebook

Electromagnet For Fun Build Guide Download the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook

Available at two different learning levels, the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook is designed to help students cycle thru the Design & Engineering Process and help them innovate and invent new designs. Use an Engineering Notebook page for each iteration of design. It is recommended that extra pages are printed and on-hand during activities.

  • Simple Engineering Notebook: PDF
  • Engineering Notebook: PDF

STEAM Market-It Challenge

Add the STEAM Market-It Challenge to any completed TeacherGeek activity to teach students how to turn their TeacherGeek design into a retail product. Students will learn the 4 'Ps' of marketing - Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. Students have the option of completing a commercial, a billboard or retail packaging as a summative assessment.