Covid-19 Help / no tools

We're Here to Help.

Let's fill a massive void in distance learning.

Let's give our kids something that engages, simulates and educates far beyond the computer screen.

They deserve it.

TeacherGeek has been overwhelmed and humbled, sending critical activities (experiences) to tens-of-thousands of student (kids) during the Covid-19 Crisis. Classrooms, schools, meal programs, parents, grandparents, homeschool groups, corporations and other organizations have all teamed up with us to provide real engineering activities (fantastic and much-needed experiences) to kids during these difficult times.

Check out the "Why TeacherGeek" page to see why these real engineering activities are so different, so beneficial, so needed. TeacherGeek is not a toy. It’s real engineering, real STEM & STEAM, real inquiry based & project-based instruction. It’s really need​ed during these difficult times to fill the current void in distance learning. Let’s work together to provide students with experiences beyond computer screens, challenges that excite and motivate, activities that bring them to higher cognitive domains.

Something Special

In response to the current situation, TeacherGeek has…

  • Reduced the cost of many single activity packs by 50% or more.
  • Changed many single activity packs so they can be created at home, without or with minimal tools.
  • Included go-guides (engineering & challenge documents) with every single activity pack.
  • Created incredible videos, linked in the go​-guides, to assist in completing activities and challenges.
  • Added at-or-below cost, first class USPS, shipping.

What does this mean? We can get these fantastic activities to students/kids at a price almost any family, school or organization can afford.

Option #1: TeacherGeek for One

Order at, send a purchase order to or call us at 888-433-5345.

Option #2: TeacherGeek For All

Download one of the following spreadsheets Complete it and send it back to You can even send us a one page PDF, Word document, or message to include with every activity kit shipment.

Option #3: Be Different

Would you like to send something special (a different set of components), ship in a different way, or fit an exact budget? Great! Let us know and we will do everything that we can to help you out.

Get Ready for the Comeback!

We didn't expect so many schools to be ordering TeacherGeek STEM/STEAM/Maker Carts during this time, but it happened. Schools are looking to have something extra special for when the kids come back; real design and engineering, real making, real STEM & STEAM, real learning through application and inquiry. Many schools are re-purposing unused budgets, such as PD, to invest in Maker Carts. Let us know if we can help you out with something special for the return of your students.