Solar Panel with Alligator Clips

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Single SKU: 1824-09

10 Pack SKU: 1824-10

These PET-backed project solar panels feature attached alligator clip test leads for ease and compatibility. Lightweight, compact and incredibly thin, easily mount the panels to any STEM | STEAM | Maker or Science Fair project of your choosing.

With a power capacity of 3 Watts, 6 Volts and 0.5 Amps, these panels work great with 3-6V project motors. Increase voltage by combining panels in a circuit. Utilize your solar panel in electric race cars, motorized boats, "environmentally friendly" wind pump designs or basic robotics. The sky - or sun - is the limit with this innovative component.

Alligator Clip Lead colors may vary.

Dimensions: 215mm x 120mm x 3mm (8.47in x 4.72in x 0.12in)

Note: The current solar panel design no longer features the aluminum border-frame. Both designs operate the same across TeacherGeek projects and activities.