Wiggle-Bots Activity Documents

Wiggle-Bots Activity Documents

Wiggle-Bot Activity Document Downloads

Everyone loves to wiggle! Engineer a motorized contraption powered by your imagination. You can engineer and design anything you want: a scribble-bot, a racing-bot, a dancing-bot, even a paddle-bot. The possibilities are endless!

This is a true STEM project (not a toy). What does that mean? You get to design and build your own unique Super Wiggle-Bot, rather than just following directions. Start in the Electricity Lab and connect TeacherGeek components to learn about the flow of electrons while using a battery to power an electric motor. Then, start building a Scribble-Bot in the Build Guide to use in the Wave Lab. Learn about frequency and wavelength with the scribbles your Wiggle-Bot makes.

Make It Your Own: The documents for this activity are available in PDF and Microsoft Word format. If you wish to edit a document, simply download the Microsoft Word format.

Download Documents 

This guide will help you get started creating your Wiggle-Bot or Super Wiggle-Bot. At the end of the guide, play, tinker, and invent new kinds of Wiggle-Bots.

Wiggle-Bot Build Guide - PDF
Wiggle-Bot Build Guide - Editable Word Document

Super Wiggle-Bot Build Guide - PDF
Super Wiggle-Bot Build Guide - Editable Word Document

What do you need to know about an engineering challenge? First… you are never done. Every design can be improved, so students should be working on improving their Wiggle-Bot or Super Wiggle-Bot until the very last available second. 

Design, build, test and evolve different Racing-Bot configurations during these engineering challenges. Use the Engineering Notebook to improve your design.

Wiggle-Bot Engineering Challenge - PDF
Wiggle-Bot Engineering Challenge - Editable Word Document


These optional Wiggle-Bot and Super Wiggle-Bot Lab Activities are excellent for classroom and educational use. 

Wiggle-Bot Labs - PDF
Wiggle-Bot Labs - Editable Word Document
Answer Key (Password Protected) - PDF



TeacherGeek Wiggle-Bots Overview PDF Download

Download the Classroom Overview

Brief overview about the TeacherGeek Wiggle-Bot activity, procedure, concepts, vocabulary, background information, and supplementary resources.

Wiggle-Bot Overview - PDF
Wiggle-Bot Overview - Editable Word Document



Other Helpful Documents Thumbnail

Engineering Notebook and Other Helpful Documents

Solve any engineering problem or challenge using the Design and Engineering Process and the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook. Outlined in an easy-to-use and kid-friendly worksheet, cycle around the process to continually improve your design. It is recommended that extra Engineering Notebook pages are on hand during all Engineering Challenges. 

Additional activity handouts are also available below in PDF format below.

Engineering Notebook
STEM Engineering Notebook Pages

Example Wiggle-Bot Engineering Notebook
Example Wiggle-Bot Engineering Notebook Pages

Wiggle-Bot Idea Sheet
Handout for your Wiggle-Bot ideas


How To Videos

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Science & Math Standards

TeacherGeek products fit proposals, grants or lesson plans with ease! Explore more resources below:

Next Generation Science Standards
NGSS Standards Download - PDF
NGSS Standards Spreadsheet - Editable /Searchable Excel Sheet

International Technology & Engineering Educators' Association Standards
ITEEA Standards Download - PDF
ITEEA Standards Spreadsheet - Editable/Searchable Excel Sheet