Maker Cart - The Ultimate STEM / STEAM / Maker Solution

Maker Cart - The Ultimate STEM / STEAM / Maker Solution

Maker Cart Document Downloads

TeacherGeek Maker Cart Manual

It's Easy to Get Started, it's Pre-Assembled

Download the Maker Cart Manual

This cart is going to supply your students/kids with incredible experiences, unlike anything else they have ever done. We’ve tried to make “getting started” as easy as possible. From getting your cart off it's shipping pallet to ready to roll into the classroom, follow our few easy steps and you’ll be making projects in no-time. 
Download the TeacherGeek Maker Cart Manual PDF

TeacherGeek Maker Cart Components List

Includes over 15,000 TeacherGeek Components

Download the Component List

Every Maker Cart has over 15,000 components included and facilitates countless TeacherGeek activities. With so many TeacherGeek components, the creativity and STEM building possibilities are endless!
Download the TeacherGeek Maker Cart Component List PDF


TeacherGeek Documents

Download TeacherGeek Documents for STEM/STEAM/Maker Activities

With so many different TeacherGeek components at your fingertips, design and build your own unique engineering inventions or follow along with our TeacherGeek Build Guides. Included with every Maker Cart are FREE editable documents to enhance your Maker Cart experience. Exclusive to the TeacherGeek system, these documents will provide hours of classroom and maker space activities at every age and grade level (available for Microsoft Word and PDF).

A few examples of what students/kids can build with a Maker Cart...
Rubber band racer, electromagnet crane, hovercraft, judo/sumo bot, trebuchet, ramp roll vehicle, straw rocket shooter, crane, mousetrap car, boat, robot, weather station, tower, crash car, catapult, hydraulic pet, reacher, linkages, gravity car, spin art, air/water pump, wind powered racer, electric/solar car, hill climb, paper airplane shooter, hydraulic lift, wiggle-bot, bridge, geometric shapes, electronic circuits, gear & pulley mechanisms, whirligigs, Rube Goldberg type machines, hydroponics, musical instruments, amusement park ride, pull toy, wind turbine, science fair project, battle bot, their own unique inventions.

Find your Maker Cart documents at: Free TeacherGeek Document Downloads


Darren Coon

Jayne Young said:

How much is it?

Darren Coon

TeacherGeek said:

@Jane Young

Great question! In fact, right now we are offering our Maker Cart for an introductory price of $6,500 (normally $7,000). Our cart includes over 15,000 TeacherGeek components and can support hundreds of students at every grade level.

For more information and to make your order a Super-Success, please feel free to contact us directly: and we will assist you or visit:

All the best!

Darren Coon

cy werntz said:

I am a STEM Coach at an Elementary School and I am interested in buying one maker cart for each classroom and would like to discuss bulk pricing. Plus I want to make sure that this is the best route to go with materials.

Darren Coon

TeacherGeek said:

@cy werntz Thank you for reaching out! Someone will be contacting you via email shortly.

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