Hydraulic Claw Activity Documents

Hydraulic Claw Activity Documents

Hydraulic Claw Activity Document Downloads

Design and build a hydraulic claw that works like the ones in the arcade. Move the upper cylinder and watch your claw open & close below. We have documents to get you started, but the final claw design up to you. Can you design a claw to pick up specific objects - worms, marshmallows, or bouncy balls?

Start with the Build Guide to craft an example Hydraulic Claw or take advantage of our optional supplementary documents for deeper learning and understanding, both in and out of the classroom. A quick Classroom Overview document guides you through this STEM activity. 

Make It Your Own: The documents for this activity are available in PDF and Microsoft Word format.
If you wish to edit a document, simply download the Microsoft Word format.

Download Documents 

This build guide has everything you need to construct an example Hydraulic Claw, along with your own designs through the Engineering Process. Perfect for libraries, boy and girl scouts, science fairs, kitchen table, maker fairs and after school use.

Build Guide - PDF
Build Guide - Editable Word Document



Design, build and test different End Effector configurations during these engineering challenges. Experiment with material, shape and weight to succeed in competition. Remember, your design is never truly finished, just evolving. Print Engineering Notebook Pages for use with these challenges.

Design & Engineering Challenges - PDF
Design & Engineering Challenges - Editable Word Document

Download the Fluid Power Lab (5th Grade +)

Learn all about hydraulic and pneumatic power systems in the Fluid Power Lab. There is an answer key for the lab activity as well. Don't worry, the PDF is password protected. Use the code included with your order.

Fluid Power Lab - PDF
Fluid Power Lab Answer Key - PDF

Download the Pump It Up! Lab (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

Learn how to test, design and build your own unique water pump mechanism. Explore and play with fluid pressure, pushes & pulls and cylinders, while exploring amazing challenges like: hydraulic races, orange juice pumps and mini-mixology machines.

Pump It Lab  - PDF
Pump It Lab  - Editable Word Document



Download the Immersive Challenge Presentation

Immerse yourself in an Engineering Challenge inspired by Deep Sea Exploration expeditions and design scenarios. Your racer is an ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle), attempting to successfully explore, collect and carry marine specimens and shipwreck debris safely to the surface.
For use with the Hydraulic Claw Design & Engineering Challenge.

Mariana Trench Deep Dive - PowerPoint Presentation


Overview Thumbnail

Download the Classroom Overview

Brief overview about the TeacherGeek Hydraulic Claw documents, activity procedure, educational alignment standards, concepts, vocabulary, background information, and supplementary resources.

Overview - PDF
Overview - Editable Word Document





Download the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook

Available at two different learning levels, the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook is designed to help students cycle through the Design & Engineering Process and help them innovate and invent new designs. Use an Engineering Notebook page for each iteration of design. It is recommended that extra pages are printed and on-hand during activities.

Simple Engineering Notebook - PDF
Engineering Notebook - PDF


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Science & Math Standards

TeacherGeek products fit proposals, grants or lesson plans with ease! Explore more resources below:

Next Generation Science Standards
NGSS Standards Download - PDF
NGSS Standards Spreadsheet - Editable /Searchable Excel Sheet

International Technology & Engineering Educators' Association Standards
ITEEA Standards Download - PDF
ITEEA Standards Spreadsheet - Editable/Searchable Excel Sheet