Geared Wind Turbine Activity Documents

Geared Wind Turbine Activity Documents

Geared Wind Turbine Activity Document Downloads

Gear Box Turbine Build Guide
Basic build for the Geared Wind Turbine

Alternator Build
Build guide for standard single phase alternator 

Blade and Hub Build
Build guide for the turbine's blades

Gearbox Build
Build Guide for a gearbox

Wind Turbine Stand Build
Build Guide for wind stand

TeacherGeek Quick Start GuideDistributed (3-phase) Stator Design
Quick start guide for Distributed (3-phase) Stator design

Printable Ruler
See how your Geared Wind Turbine measures up

Printable Protractor
Use this to find the angle of your blades

Types of Wind Turbines
Helpful handout to explain the different types of wind turbines

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Science & Math Standards

Next Generation Science Standards
Structures & Properties of Matter - 2-PS1
Motion & Stability: Forces & Interactions - 3-PS2 , 4-PS2 , 5-PS2 , MS-PS2 , HS - PS2
Energy - 4-PS3 , MS-PS3 , HS-PS3
Engineering Design - 3-5-ETS1 ,  MS-ETS1 , HS-ETS1

Common Core Math Standards
Measurement & Data - Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5
Statistics & Probability: Interpreting Categorical & Quantitative Data - Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8 ,  High School

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