Electromagnet Crane Activity Documents

Electromagnet Crane Activity Documents

Electromagnet Activity Document Downloads

A quick overview document guides you through this electrifying and magnetic STEM activity and how to incorporate the supporting Lab documents, Build Guides, and Engineering Challenges. Or if you would rather do this activity "Just for Fun", download the quick and easy All-in-One document.

Make It Your Own: The documents for this activity are available in PDF and Microsoft Word format. If you wish to edit a document, simply download the Microsoft Word format.

Out of the Classroom (just for fun)

Electromagnet For Fun Build Guide

Download the All-in-One Document

This document has everything you need to do the Electromagnet Crane Activity "Just for Fun". Starting with the Magnet Build and the Crane Build, this document then goes straight into the Design & Engineering Challenges.

Looking for something with a little more classroom clout? Check out the "In the Classroom" section below for classroom-ready document downloads.

Electromagnet Crane All-in-One - PDF
Electromagnet Crane All-in-One - Editable Word Document

In the Classroom (with a lab, and also fun)

Electromagnet Overview Thumbnail

Download the Overview

Brief overview about the TeacherGeek Electromagnet documents, activity procedure, concepts, vocabulary, background information, and supplementary resources.

Electromagnet Overview - PDF
Electromagnet Overview - Editable Word Document



Electromagnet Build Guide with a Lab Thumbnail

Download the Electromagnet Build Guide with a Lab

During this step you will begin starting the build of your electromagnet (the part with the metal, battery, and wire). Once the electromagnet is started, students learn how more “wraps” of electrical wire around a screw, when powered by the battery, improves a magnetic field in the lab. Students will test magnetic and non-magnetic materials with their electromagnet and record their findings.

Electromagnet Build Guide with a Lab - PDF
Electromagnet Build Guide with a Lab - Editable Word Document


Crane Build Guide for an Electromagnet Thumbnail

Download the Crane Build for the Electromagnet

Now that the electromagnet is built, during this guide you will create the example crane body and attach your electromagnet to it.

The example crane works, but not very well. Building the example will give the understanding required to turn it in to your own unique design (a better design). Redesign the crane to solve engineering challenges.

Crane Build for an Electromagnet - PDF
Crane Build for Electromagnet - Editable Word Document

Download the Engineering Challenges

What do you need to know about an engineering challenge? First… you are never done. Every design can be improved, so students should be working on improving their crane until the very last available second.

Design, build, test and evolve different crane configurations during these engineering challenges. Experiment with things like how your crane connects, moves, what material it is made from, the possibilities are endless!


Electromagnet 'In the Bucket' Challenge Thumbnail

Download the "In The Bucket" Challenge

Get as many paper clips into a cup as you can.

"In The Bucket" Challenge - PDF
"In The Bucket" Challenge - Editable Word Document




Electromagnet 'Clip Hanger' Challenge Thumbnail

Download the "Clip Hanger" Challenge

Hang as many paper clips as you can.

"Clip Hanger" Challenge - PDF
"Clip Hanger" Challenge - Editable Word Document




Electromagnet Engineering Challenge Thumbnail

Download the "Super Sort" Challenge

Sort as much magnetic and non-magnetic materials as you can in the "Super Sort" arena. Printable arenas available for Single Player or go head-to-head in the Two Player Arena.

"Super Sort" Challenge - PDF
"Super Sort" Challenge - Editable Word Document

"Super Sort" Arena - Single Player - PDF
"Super Sort" Arena - Two Player - PDF


Electromagnet For Fun Build Guide

Download the Challenge Scorecard

Use this simple scorecard to keep track of student progress and Points for Electromagnet Competitions.

Challenge Scorecard - PDF




Electromagnet For Fun Build Guide

Download the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook

Available at two different learning levels, the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebook is designed to help students cycle thru the Design & Engineering Process and help them innovate and invent new designs. Use an Engineering Notebook page for each iteration of design. It is recommended that extra pages are printed and on-hand during activities.

Simple Engineering Notebook - PDF
Engineering Notebook - PDF



How Electromagnets Work - How Stuff Works
  • Electromagnets and Motors - BBC Bitesize Science
  • Youtube Videos:

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