Catch the Bug Activity Documents

Catch the Bug Activity Documents

"Catch the Bug" Activity Document Downloads

Have you heard the buzz? Catch the bug and see why it’s simply the best introduction to basic electronics on the market. Finished bugs have such personality, roaming the floor and “exploring” new paths as they bump into objects around the room. Kids are immersed in electrical concepts, yielding long-lasting understanding through physical, interactive learning. These accessible bugs have inspired countless students, drastically increasing interest and enrollment in STEM courses and careers, especially for girls. Circuits, voltage, resistance or soldering skills have never made so much sense – nor been so fun!

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Body Build 
The mechanical portion of the Bug is constructed.


Build a Bug: Start-to-finish Bug building guide without the electronics lab


Electronics Lab 
Bug experiments teach the fundamentals of electronics.


Final Wiring 
Permanent wires are soldered on to "bring the Bug to life."


Answer Key 
Password-protected answers to the Bug lab. Use the code included with your order.

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